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Conservative care designed to lead our patients to a wellness lifestyle.

Patients will receive a combination of techniques to optimize their recovery. 


Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment

Involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. Allows for restoration of joint mobility and optimize function.


Soft Tissue Techniques

Soft tissue includes: skeletal muscles and related connective tissues, that often become tight and adhered due to acute or chronic injuries. Techniques such as Active Release Technique and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) aka Graston aka "Scraping" work to alleviate pain, decrease muscle tightness, break up scar tissue, improve blood flow, and promote healing of an injured area. Cupping Therapy works to decompress the tissue, which helps to alleviate pain, improve blood flow, and decrease muscle tension.


Exercise Therapy

Corrective exercises are aimed to restore imbalances, improve stability and increase mobility of the body after injury.

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Conditions we treat:


Neck Pain



Back Pain

Rib Pain

Shoulder Pain / Impingement

Elbow Pain

Wrist Pain

Low Back Pain

Hip Pain

Knee injury

Plantar Fasciitis

Acute Sport Injuries


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Initial Assessment


Follow Up Visit


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